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Bliss + Balance

Face + Feet + Hands Rejuvenation 

Luxurious treatment that stimulates pressure points for circulation and energy flow, release tension from entire body


Workshop $500

Optional Purchase Tools: $105  Includes: face and head singing bowl + tuning fork


Tuning Forks, Facial singing bowls and Kansa wand.

Learn a unique and powerful system to ease facial and body tension by accessing potent points in face, feet and hands.



Treatment begins with a deep cleansing of face, neck and upper chest to wash away impurities, leaving skin feel refreshed.

Tuning forks to stimulate acupuncture / pressure points on upper chest, face and head to release tension in face and head, relieve sinus pressure and headaches.  

Stimulate blood flow and energy for a glowing complexion while calming and balancing the brain and nourishing body and mind.

This treatment includes warm oil (perfect for all skin types) with an array of rejuvenating, uplifting and relaxation inducing strokes with special attention to potent points along face, ears and head.  

Learn to use facial singing bowls (to stimulate the brow center / 6th chakra) and kansa wand (an ayurvedic facial tool) that utilizes a special blend of metal for skin rejuvenation.

Steamed towels and refreshing toner applied in between each application of cleanser, scrub and oil to soothe and cleanse the pores.

Finishing this facial session with a cooling facial gel for tightening and brightening the skin and moisturizer.


Warm steamed towels and Himalayan salt stones on tired feet supports circulation, reduces swelling, and just feels great! Salt stones contain naturally occurring minerals and salts to nourish your body.

Tuning forks stimulate points on feet to relieve tension and rejuvenate the entire body


Warm steamed towels cleanse the hands and singing bowls stimulate energy pathways in  hands and fingers, while tuning forks open the hand chakras and bring deeper vibration to wrists and elbows to alleviate hand and arm tension and pain.


This course outlines muscles of the face, energy pathways and pressure points including feet and hands.

Learn to give a complete stand alone session for Face, Feet and Hands or a great integration with what you offer your loved ones and clients.  

All supplies available for use in training, includes complimentary take home Orgins Skin Care products

April 22-24, 2022  

Friday 6:00pm-8:30pm

Saturday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Sunday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Center of Sound

4405 Meramec Bottom Rd Unit A 

St. Louis, MO 63129


$250 non-refundable deposit will hold your space (final $250 payment due 2 weeks prior to class)

*Please indicate which class deposit is for

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