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Be sure to look at each week below to see all our Classes, Workshops, and Individual Session offerings.
Please only register for PRIVATE GROUP if you have received an invitation.

For issues registering, please refresh page and go back into your cart. Downloading the Vagaro app usually works best. After you create an account and pick a class, you will be asked to sign a waiver for each person registered. If you need further assistance, please email

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Private Session Pricing

Private Individual Sessions

Lullaby Session: 

30 min gentle relaxation  $


Chrysalis Session:  

Weaves a cocoon of sound

to envelope the body.  

Deeply restorative for body, mind and spirit.  

60 min Sound Relaxation: $


Sonic Massage: Sound & Vibration: 

Osteo Tuning Forks on body for relief of pain + inflammation. 

Deep tone vibrations from gongs reset the mind and flush the body of stagnant energy.

Singing Bowls restore a sense of peace and calm to the nervous system. Vibrational bowls on the body provide a cellular massage for the organs.

Ocean drums encourage movement of the body’s water element and regulate heart rate

Medicine for Body, Mind + Soul

 Thick cushion mats on floor, neckroll pillows, bolsters, blankets, and eye pillows provided for you. Sanitized after each use.

90 MIN - $


Sonic Massage Group 90 min:  

$ per person 

6 People Max

Private Group Sessions 


Maximum 12 participants:  Thick cushion mats on floor, neckroll pillows, bolsters, blankets, and eye pillows provided for you. Sanitized after each use.

Sound/Vibrational Meditation

2 participants:  90 MIN $100 per person


3-7 participants: 90 MIN $75 per person

8-12 participants: 90 MIN $45 per person



We can tailor the session to suit your needs by offering a ceremony to mark a special occasion or time in your life.

Center of Sound provides mats, blankets, bolsters, sandbags (for added weight to ease tension areas)

Neck and eye pillows for your comfort.

Back-jack meditation chairs and regular chairs also available

Private Session Pricing

Level of Resonance / Activation:  Rating System
Soundwork offers such a wide range of experiences, an invitation to open up your percerptual gates to perceive through all body sensations. These instruments offer vibration and calming waves for reclaiming our feeling sense of the natural world around us.

Sound sessions can open up new levels of consciousness and awareness within the body and mind.
With that in mind, it is my desire to help you choose what might best suit you at a particular time.  Please be respectful of your ability to assimilate new information and what gets stimulated in these sessions.  
While it is always my intention to offer a gentle submersion into the sounds, as if you were floating along gentle and serence waters or drifting on a fluffy cloud with a gentle breeze.

From there we begin the descent into deeper waves of resonance, taking your whole being along for the ride.  However, depending on where we are at any given time, it may not be possible to descend in this most gentle manner, perhaps the thinking mind stays more active, or you feel more restless at a particular time.  

For these reasons I'm offering a rating system to the classes so that you may find the perfect one for you,  or you may just want to try a variety of experiences and be surprised by what you feel.

Some people "really love gongs' and others not so much.   Sometimes we prefer a gentler approach and other times we need to shift the energy in a bigger way or even release some physical tension through deeper resonance and a mind altering experience, drug free of course!
We hope this guide will give you a better understanding of the subtleties that sound has to offer.   

All sessions include a guided meditation or journey with a particular theme, such as:

  • Grounding

  • Heart Opening

  • Call to action: Solar PLexus

  • Connect with Creativity

  • Acknowledge the Sacred within

  • Deep Listening

  • 3rd Eye Activation; Access the Healer / Artist within

  • Cleansing the Doors of Perception, Portals to Inner Space 

  • The Imaginal Realm + Dreaming into being.

Class Descriptions:  Something for Everyone!

Level of Resonance / Activation:  

Level 1:  Very Gentle; melodic singing bowls / tongue drum / Monochord

Level 2:  Gentle Grounding Gongs / Drum + Deep tone Tibetan bowls / Crystal bowls / Chimes.  Gentle aura clearing, feel the vibrations that emanate around you. Energy work with high vibrational sacred sounds provide an opportunity to reconnect with the subtle field that surrounds you.  An opportunity to absorb sound energy medicine.

Level 3:  Deeper Immersion: Same as Level 2 with deeper resonance of crystal bowls and gongs.  Pati brings instruments around your body for a personal clearing of energy and connection to the vibrations.

Instruments include hand held crystal wand bowls in pairings to balance chakra energies, hand held gong, ocean drum, gentle chimes, tuning forks.  Integration of many therapeutic instruments of resonance

Level 4:  For those who prefer to stir up the stuck energy in a more vigorous way.  Gongs provide the backdrop for this class.  Focused on Gong energy from a variety of gongs from different regions of the world.  From small accent, hand held for up close wave of clearing, Planet gongs ( Moon, Earth, Chiron, Sedna, Nibiru) Wind gongs, Burmese gong (very deep low tones) the kind that anchor you, rooting you and igniting your solar plexus in a stable and supported way.  Chimes for balancing those deep gong vibrations!

Level of Resonance
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