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Pati Pellerito & Mark Holland

This CD is a culmination of the sound journeys that have evolved from the soulful, musical interactions, of live group settings which Pati and Mark have created. The flutes have a grounding effect upon us, beautifully handcrafted from various woods, bringing an earthy feel, while singing bowls and gongs, handmade and tuned to cosmic frequencies, allow us to travel beyond this earthly realm.

Experience a special video preview of New Moon Lullaby from Dreamwalker

PORTALS TO INNER SPACE – Musical Chakra Meditation 

Pati Pellerito & Bradford Smith

A meditation to Inner Space, transporting you into present centered awareness. Entrain and slow your brainwave state with the harmonic vibrations of the Tibetan Singing Bowls as ethereal melodies lead you on a journey.  Featuring Patti Pellerito on Tibetan Singing Bowls, and Bradford Smith on Flutes, Harmonic singing and Soprano saxophone. Together Patti and Bradford lead participants in meditative experiences encompassing breath, movement, and music.

Singing Bowls

 Pati has hand selected a collection of high-quality singing bowls from her travels in Nepal to be available during classes, workshops, events, and private appointments.  Please contact Pati if you are interested in purchasing a  beautiful, hand-crafted harmonically tuned set of antique or modern singing bowls.​ Select styles are available online

 Center of Sound is an authorized representative for Paiste Gongs

Please CONTACT PATI to find out how we can be of assistance to you in choosing a gong for your home, office or studio.  Stay tuned for upcoming gong classes and programs.

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