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Individual Sound Therapy Sessions with Pati Pellerito 

A Journey to Inner Space


When you surrender yourself to the sound current, you answer a calling to clear your field,

listen deeply and connect with your center, your essential self.

Expansion and energy flow through you, your life is inviting you to presence and greatness.


Benefits of Sound Therapy

  • Reduce Stress & Anxiety

  • Lower Blood Pressure

  • Reduce Pain

  • Improve Sleep

  • Improve Cognitive Function             

  • Enhance Creativity

  • Relaxation & Rejuvenation

  • Stimulates Circulation

  • Unified feelings with others and environment

What to Expect from an Individual Sound Work Session


Come wearing comfortable clothing, as you will lie down on a heated (if desired) massage table.


Upon arriving, we will discuss what is present in your life at this time; we'll look at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions, and what your desire or intention is for the session.

You will be guided through a relaxation process, using breath and body awareness with a focus on your intentions. Pati will use many (approximately 10-20) singing bowls, planet gongs and other instruments such as a hand-drum, bells and various chimes, all of which have their place in the treatment by producing specific frequencies, tones or textures.


Gently sounding bowls, calming and soul-stirring sounds coax your attention inward and encourage the mind to begin to release from thoughts and surrender to the sounds.


The soothing warmth of sonic energy envelops you in a cocoon of celestial sounds, gently uncovering the ever-present source of renewal. Vibrations weave their way into the body, tension begins to dissolve and brain waves begin to slow, allowing for deeper states of relaxation and meditation.


Enter the serene depths of your center, from which intuitive knowledge flows. As layers of stress wash away, feel the gentle sway of your mind settling into the rhythm of your own heart – wisdom/insights/clarity can rise to the light of understanding. As we soak in blissful sound energy, illumination and expansion occur.


During this slow immersion of sound, vibration and resonance, bowls will be placed upon the body to move energy. In this way, the body untangles from stress, finding comfort in releasing muscular tension.


Gongs are used to shift the electromagnetic field surrounding the body. This helps to break up energetic patterns that could be weighing us down and produce a calming and healing effect for our neurological system.


Care is given to both sides of the body, with extra attention to specific areas with a high degree of tension..


The session ends with a period of silence for the integration of sounds and vibrations. Quiet stillness is an important aspect of the healing session; just as dreams can evaporate upon waking within seconds, you will have an opportunity to gather information that may have presented itself, such as visions, insights, colors and dream-like experiences. Then, you will be guided back from the depths of your being, beginning with breath and slowly coming out through the layers into the body.


Afterwards, you will have time to journal about your experience, sip tea and discuss the session.

I look forward to providing you with a journey to “inner-space.”

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