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Koshi Chime

Koshi Chime

The Koshi chime is an authentic musical instrument, an original creation hand-crafted in the Pyrenean Mountains.
These lovely resonant chimes are made of bamboo & metal and available in four melodies inspired by natures elements.
Terra (Earth)
Aqua (Water)
Aria (Air)
Ignis (Fire)
The precise tuning and deeply resonant sound produces clear crystalline tones rich in overtones.
Magical sounds of Koshi chji9mes evoke wondrous feelings of lightness.
Koshi chimes are light weight and perfect for transporting.  Protecrt your chime with a beautiful padded case!  Custom made cases designed exclusively for Koshi chimes, hand-crafted from hemp & organic cotton, made in Nepal.


Notes for each chime:

Terra - G C E F G C E G
Aqua - A D F G A D F A
Aria -  A C E A B C E B
Ignis - G B D G B D G A
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