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Sonic Massage – Sound & Vibration Workshop 

3-day Training for Practitioners & Others   21 CEUs available


September 7-9, 2018   $425

Samadhi Healing Arts Center (map)

423 W. Walnut Street   Johnson City, TN 37604 

Join us to explore the transformative power of sound! No experience required.


Integrating energy work, sound healing, vibration and bodywork, Sonic Massage is born out of thousands of session hours with clients over more than a decade. It is a direct and powerful transformational method for moving and clearing energy, relieving muscular pain, releasing tension, trauma and grief, and restoring balance to body, mind and spirit. 

Come experience the power of vibration, resonance and entrainment, as we explore the ancient wisdom and modern science of how sound impacts the body, mind and spirit.  Gain a deeper understanding of sound and its effects on physical, emotional and energetic levels. Let sound be the bridge that brings palpable energy work into your practice!


Through lecture, discussion, group energy practices and hands-on instruction, practice and play with singing bowls., during this 3-day experiential workshop we will:

  • Learn the history and science of sound as a therapeutic tool 

  • Explore how sound impacts consciousness 

  • Learn fundamentals of singing bowl variety and uses 

  • Learn how to use Tingshas (hand cymbals) and therapeutic protocols  

  • Discover how to meditate with singing bowls, as a deep listening exercise 

  • Self clearing / balancing chakra practice 

  • Build connection and cultivation of energetic field through breath and Qigong 

  • Learn protocols for sound therapy sessions and integration into current practice 

  • Techniques for releasing stagnant and stuck energies 

  • Learn protocols for clearing energy and relieving muscular pain and discomfort. 

  • Experience giving and receiving individual sound sessions

  • Learn effective techniques for optimal sound and vibration through hands-on play

  • Become familiar with hands-on Sound Energy Wellness and Self Care Techniques

  • Learn contraindications for sound work

  • Use the Musical Alphabet - Cycle of 5th's and musical note correspondences to energy centers

  • Earn 21 NCBTMB CEUs for Massage Therapists (NCBTMB Approved Provider #1548) 

This workshop goes far beyond “learning” a new modality, it is a powerful healing experience!

Gift yourself a soulful weekend of immersing in the sound field.



Pati Pellerito is an Approved NCBTMB Provider #1548
Partial scholarships available for Hospice staff.
 CONTACT PATI  for details and to see if you qualify.

All instruments provided and available for purchase.

Students receive 10% discount.


During her travels to Nepal in November 2016, Pati spent many days and hours listening to and hand selecting high-quality singing bowls to be available in her classes and workshops.

You will find beautiful, hand-crafted harmonically tuned sets of antique and modern singing bowls.


"Such a beautiful approach to healing mind, body emotion and spirit. This course has changed my life!  I will forever use this knowledge for myself, loved ones and clients.  Great medicine!  - Anand K 

Pati is a compassionate instructor who provided a safe space for learning and healing.  I would take this course again, just for the benefit of the modality and how relevant it is.” - Cait H.

“I enjoyed this course and will use the knowledge of Sonic Massage in my practice.  It was a plus to weave in meditation and qigong, to bring the energy aspect to the practice of using singing bowls.”   – Claudia E. 

"This work brings me to a deeply relaxed state faster than anything I’ve ever experienced." – Chris D.

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