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Pati is currently in Nepal exploring the culture, sacred sounds and deep listening.  She is excited to share all the new varieties of singing bowls, gongs and other handicraft items with you.  We invite you to visit the studio to peruse or purchase when they arrive in January.   

Until then we hope you will join us at the Holiday Sale November 25th 10a-1p  for discounts on many items in stock. 

Vibrational and Energy Medicine


Sound Therapy

Enter a  full body sensory experience through sonic entrainment.


Embark on a journey through breath, conscious awareness, tone, vibration and space. The resonant structure of sound patterns provide an opportunity for the logical mind to recede, allowing the brain to shift into deeper states. Intriguing journeys take place.

Dream-like stories and musically inspired visions emerge while under the influence of sound.

Individual Sessions.  Group Sessions.  Workshops.

As a therapist and sound artist, Pati Pellerito is passionate about the intersection of healing and art.  


In individual sessions, with small groups, and in classes and workshops, her unique work draws upon therapeutic bodywork, Eastern philosophies of wellness, shamanic studies, ancient wisdom teachings, and the science of sound and vibrational medicine to create a safe and sacred space for inner peace and joy.


In practice for more than 25 years, Pati has a deep connection to helping others create a healthy and harmonious life, living from the heart. 


Sound Meditation & Sound Journeys  

Experience a guided sound journey with Himalayan Singing Bowls, Planet Gongs and more. Relax and rejuvenate with deep listening, visualization & sacred sounds.

Intro to Sound Therapy
Discover Sound Healing as a powerful method to move and clear energy, and restore balance to body, mind and spirit in this interactive, hands-on learning experience.

Sonic Massage – 3-day Training 

Explore the transformative power of sound! Integrating energy work, sound healing and bodywork, Sonic Massage balances body, mind and spirit. For individuals and practitioners.

Student Engagement through Sound Meditation
Interactive Sound Meditation for students and children. Plus professional development and classroom strategies for educators.

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