SELF RESONANCE: Creating with Clarity

February 8, 2020

1:00 pm

3 1/2 Hours    $75    Please register in advance, space is limited to 12


Source from Stillness - Creating with Soul

Acknowledge the past and the gifts that it brought

Release old energetic patterns 

Ask - Grow - Create


In these hours together we will tune in to self with a moving meditation and through the power of sound and vibration we are called to release tension and anxiety in order to support our greater intentions.

By asking our higher self (our essence) what we long for, we will  grow and expand our capacity for inspiration by journeying into our creative self.


Through a fun and creative exercise we will bring forth images that support our dreams and visions by creating a Soul Card (if you have pages from magazines or images that speak to you please bring them) we will use glue sticks!


Get in touch with the wisest source you have available, your inner self.  Our conscious dreaming is all about the soul. As we support each other we deepen our connection to our imagination and intuition, wonder and curiosity.  

Through guided visualization, conscious breath, gentle foundational and effective qigong movements, we will cultivate our imagination and intuitive centers, allowing for more authentic creativity in our life.  Discover one or two simple actions that you can incorporate into your day that will support bigger changes thus allowing you to create with soul.


The universe won’t believe you until you come up with an action plan that supports it.


Please join us for an afternoon of soul-fun and rejuvenation.  Allow the magic of Himalayan Singing Bowls, Planet Gongs, and other musical sounds to support you in this journey of awakening the senses.  A perfect time to revisit goals and intentions set in place for 2020.  Strengthen, refine, or step into setting a new vision of what you wish to see and experience.  February 2nd is a cross-quarter day, exactly half way between winter and spring.  A time when seeds deep in the earth are starting to percolate, nature is quaking below the surface. even.  A wonderful time to tap into energetic support.


No experience necessary, all supplies are provided.  

A special winter herb blend tea will be provided. 

What is Sound Therapy and What are the Benefits?

February, 2020

6:00 pm

A presentation about the power of using sound as a therapeutic modality. There will be a brief video and a mini sound meditation experience. No meditation experience necessary. While this class is free, please register to let us know you are coming.

Sonic Massage Training Level I

January 24-26, 2020



April 3-5, 2020


Sound & Vibration Workshop
Himalayan Singing Bowls
3-day Training $425
21 CEUs available for Massage Therapists
Space is limited, pre-registration is required

Sound Therapy is a direct and powerful transformational method for moving and clearing energy, relieving muscular pain,
and restoring balance to body, mind and spirit.
- To help yourself and others.
- To use sound energy for wellness, through an integrative approach.
- The fundamentals of Sound Therapy using singing bowls and various instruments.
Join Pati and Center of Sound for over 25 years of healing wisdom. Sonic Massage is born out of thousands of client sessions.

No experience required.
In this couse you will come away with techniques and tools to incorporate into your practice.
On a personal level this is a deep dive into your own healing. Awaken your inner-healer.

Pati travels to Nepal to hand select each and every singing bowl, choosing only the highest quality.

All instruments are provided for use in workshop and available for purchase.
Students receive a 10% discount off purchase price of instruments.

Register Here:

Sound-Immersion for Rejuvenation

February 6, 2020


Harmonizing Humanity Through Positive Vibrations

Sound-Immersion for Rejuvenation
1 Hour

In this class you will be guided into a deeply relaxed state through the power of healing sounds.
Himalayan Singing Bowls, Planetary Gongs and other instruments used are meditative and therapeutic.

We will begin with a simple mindful-awareness practice of coming into the present moment.

Gently sounding bowls coax your attention inward and encourage the mind to begin to release from the excessive thoughts while surrendering to soothing sounds.
As layers of stress wash away, you feel the gentle sway of your mind settling into the rhythm of your breath.

This class is suitable for all ages over 12.

No experience in meditation necessary. Cushions, blankets, bolsters and eye pillows are provided, however you may bring any items that offer you extra comfort.

Many describe this sound experience as transportive, the overtones of multi-layered sounds encourage a mind-altering shift in consciousness. One the supports a rest and rejuvenation.

People have described arising from this immersion of sound and vibration with greater clarity, insights and creative renewal. A powerful way to reset or clear stuck energy, emotions and body tension.

Sound Meditation & Tea After

February 2, 2020


Join us for a restorative and deep listening meditation. Gentle sounding bowls, calming and soul-stirring sounds will guide you into a relaxed state. As your attention moves inward the mind begins to recede from thought into present-centered awareness. Come surf the waves of Alpha and Theta, as these states open us to new possibilities, forge new pathways and connections. We will have Tea after. 

Sounds of the Solar System

February 22, 2020


Youth and adult sound experience   Ages 8 and up


Ever wonder what the planets sound like?  Come enjoy a night sky nebula through the projection of image, color and stars to simulate our cosmos, while listening to planetary gongs and singing bowls.


Through the technology of NASA and Paiste  the world renowned Swiss maker of symphonic, planetary gongs and symbol artisan together bring us instruments that allow us to feel as though we are part of the cosmic environment.


In this session adults and children accompanied by an adult will have the opportunity to explore the sounds and vibrations that offer calming and peaceful sensations in a supported environment for rest and rejuvenation.  


In addition to learning and tuning into the sounds of the cosmos, participants will have the option for hands on play with singing bowls, ocean drums and other sound healing instruments.  


This class is experiential and participatory, no experience with musical instruments necessary.  


For your comfort, cushions, blankets, neck roll and eye pillows are available for use.  Please bring any favorite items of comfort mats, pads or special blankets or stuffed animals to snuggle with.  



cost:  $10 per person

New Moon in Pisces Sound Meditation

February 23, 2020


Join us for a restorative and deep listening meditation. Gentle sounding bowls, calming and soul-stirring sounds will guide you into a relaxed state. As your attention moves inward the mind begins to recede from thought into present-centered awareness. Come surf the waves of Alpha and Theta, as these states open us to new possibilities, forge new pathways and connections. 


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