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Guided Group Hypnosis Meditations 
Hemingway Hypnosis 12 Week Guided Group Hypnosis Workshops  with Tracy Hemingway
20 Minutes speaking about the topic 20-30 meditation exercise

Tuesdays 6:30p-7:30p

1. February 22 Healthy Habits- How Hypnosis and Meditation can create better eating and exercise
habits. Change the way you think about your health as a lifestyle not a temporary diet or
exercise plan.

Change your Habits, Change your Life


2. March 1 Commitment- How Hypnosis and Meditation address the commitment to one’s self in all
ways, especially healthy lifestyle changes and positive goal setting. Address unhealthy
cravings and urges and remove any hesitations from becoming a committed participant.

A Commitment to Yourself is often the most difficult to Honor

3. March 8 Positive Body Image- How Hypnosis and Meditation can celebrate all the amazing
things our body can do. How to intuitively listen to our bodies and push them to be
stronger and healthier.

What I focus on is What I become


4. March 15 Self Esteem/Confidence- How Hypnosis and Meditation can help those of us that don’t
see ourselves as someone working toward a goal but, instead are held back by our prior
image of ourselves.

Finding the Confidence to Choose Better Choices

5. March 22 No More Sleepwalking Through Life- How Hypnosis and Meditation can bring
Consciousness back to our lives. No more going day by day aimlessly...Find your
journey, find your purpose.

Wake up and live your life


6. March 29 Opening the Heart- How Hypnosis and Meditation can move us through the feelings
we’ve been suppressing and blocking. Let them move through you. The harder we try to
keep them held down the more exhausted we become. Embrace Self Love.

Allowing the Love of Self to be Enough


7. April 5 Bringing FUN back into our Lives-How Hypnosis and Meditation can embrace our
inner Child. Too many of us mistakenly believe that Fun is for the young. Fun and Joy
are vital at all ages and at all times in our lives. When people stop believing that they
are deserving of fun and joy is when they self medicate with food, alcohol, drugs, work,
perfection....whatever their drug of choice. Allow laughter!
                                                          Joy is what we strive for


8. April 26 Self Forgiveness- How Hypnosis and Meditation can assist in letting go of the Guilt
Shield we wear throughout our lives to protect us from making mistakes. We hesitate to
forgive ourselves because we are the one who keeps letting us down.

Forgiveness of Self Frees us to Grow Again


9. May 3 Embrace the Inner Child- Using Hypnosis and Meditation to remember when exercise
was fun. When it was play. Find that inner child and invite them back to the party. To
remind you that it’s ok to fall, it’s ok to try, it’s ok to try again. We hide behind our
perfectionism in order to avoid something new. “If I can’t do it perfectly, I won’t try.”
                                No one ever learned something new without trying something new


10. May 10 Bringing Sexy Back- Using Hypnosis and Meditation to relieve those from the barriers
we carry around with us about our body image that prevents us from true intimacy. Just
like Fun is vital in our lives, Intimacy is what makes our relationships fun and is vital to
the health of our relationships. If we are sleepwalking through our intimate relationships
we will drain all the joy out of them.

We all need to let our hair down a bit sometimes


11. May 17 Releasing Your Future From Past Mistakes- Through Hypnosis and Meditation we
realize that too many of us are carrying around judgements/memories about our past self
that we don’t even believe anymore, yet we continue to judge ourselves very harshly and
hold back from growth.

If we can release the old we can make way for the new


12. May 24 Engaging Your Body’s Own Healing Processes- Using Hypnosis and Meditation
while Manifesting a Healthier future. “As a Man thinketh so he becomes.” What
messages are you sending to your subconscious mind about your health and wellness?

Reprogramming the script we tell ourselves about our health.
Realizing that our health self talk is critical
                                            If we can release the old we can make way for the new


Tuesdays 6:30p-7:30p     

Center of Sound

4405 Meramec Bottom Rd Unit A 

St. Louis, MO 63129

*Please indicate which workshop you are registering for and include your email address and full name

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