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Group Sound Therapy Sessions with Pati Pellerito 

A Journey to Inner Space


When you surrender yourself to the sound current, you answer a calling to clear your field,

listen deeply and connect with your center, your essential self.

Expansion and energy flow through you, your life is inviting you to presence and greatness.

What to Expect from a Group Sound Work Session


The group session begins with an insight meditation, simply sitting with awareness of the present moment, feeling into the body, noticing what we are sensing. Easing tension or discomfort in the body by utilizing breath and very gentle movement for our preparation to come into a restorative position to allow calming and soul-full sounds and harmonies to wash through the body.


The multitudinous sounds and waves of soothing Himalayan Singing Bowls, Planetary Gongs, many other percussive and acoustic instruments offer nutrition for the neurological system as well as medicine for the soul.


Many describe this experience as transportive, overtones of multi-layered sounds encourage a mind-altering shift in consciousness. One that supports a restful and rejuvenating experience. People arise from this immersion of sound and vibration with visions of hope, insights, symbols and messages from deep within, in essence a shamanic journey. A “dream-like” state of awareness. Perhaps a conversation from “you to you,” the light of the “dream walker” leading you back to your true self.


There will be plenty of time to become fully present, connected and grounded as you shift awareness back into the room. We welcome and encourage sharing of your experience, because like waking from a night time dream, details can start to fade as we return to a busier awake state. When we share at least some piece, it not only brings it into this reality, but often times helps each other integrate the experience more fully.


Many report feeling relief from pain they may have carried in with them. It’s common to hear feedback that “the sounds seem to go to parts of the body that were feeling tense or discomfort before we began the session” and “somehow magically wash the pain away.” We are all affected in different ways, but stories like this are frequently shared. While this is not a “cure all” and there are no guarantees about how a sound session will appear for you, its a continual reminder of how powerful sound work is.


I look forward to sharing a Sound Journey with you!


In addition to regularly scheduled group events in the greater St. Louis area and beyond,  Pati is available for private group events, to speak at businesses, special interest groups, schools, adult care facilities and more.

 We can create a custom sound healing workshop or presentation that is suited for your group.

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