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My path has unfolded in an organic way, simply by following and exploring my passions.

Each experience has opened me for the next.  


Born in the Midwest and growing up in the Heartland, in my youth as a gymnast, experiencing deep immersions in nature, vision quests, traveling to distant lands and exploring the Nepali culture – the land of sacred instruments – to clinical studies and research, the culmination of this rich environment is woven into the fabric of the work I offer today. – Pati

In practice since 1994

Protocols and course trainings have been developed in the treatment room over the span of 30 years; through an integration of hands-on healing, sound therapy and energetic practices for body, mind + spirit.


Science + Spirit of Sound, Sonic Massage Level 1 + Level 2 and Bliss + Balance have been directly informed through hands on knowledge and experience of balancing the body through meridian points, bodywork, Pranic Healing, reflexology and sound therapy.


Pati practices a holistic approach to wellness.  She draws upon a background of hands-on bodywork, meridian and energy healing systems and has an extensive background in group facilitation of therapeutic sound sessions. Pati began offering group sound bath sessions in 2008 as a way to introduce the St. Louis community to the power of combining sacred sound, meditation, breath and movement.

An Integration of expressive arts through authentic movement, yoga, qigong and art, weaves together a unique tapestry of medicine for the soul.



Sound Healing Level 1 + 2 Suren Sherestha 2008

Lama Lobsang Palden: Sound Healing 2008

Gong Master Training: Don Conreux 2014 -2015

Tibetan Sound Healing: 5 Warrior Seed Syllables: Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche 2009 



International Sound Healing 10-day Conference, New Mexico 2008

Trained with:


  • Jill Purce

  • Tom Kenyon 

  • David Hykes

  • Acutonics Tuning Forks

  • Fabien Maman - Kototama Sound Medicine

  • Chloe Goodchild - Voice

  • Christine Stevens

  • Don Campbell

  • Many Sound Shamans from around the globe



PASIC - International Percussive Arts Conference 2010 + 2011

  •   REMO Drum circle facilitation workshops

  •   Michael Bettine: Gong workshops


Tuning Forks with Dr. John Beaulieu 2019




Nepal: 2016 -2018 / Deep Listening Excursions with Himalayan Singing Bowls / Studies in Sound Healing


Yoga 200Hr YTT training 2020 with over 20 year's experience practicing yoga   




Neuromuscular Therapy / NMT - CranioSacral Therapy 1996-1998

CORE: Myofascial Release Therapy Certification   2009


Kototama Japanese Naturopathic Meridian + Sound Therapy with Tsubo point location and Japanese form of vocal toning

Dr. Thomas Duckworth 2000


Pranic Healing; Energy System 2006/2007


Qigong: 1999 to Present - Teachers

Daisy Lee

Cis Hagar

Supreme Science Qigong: Jeff Primack 2008 - 2010

Michael Shomaker: 2011 


CD’S: Recorded Meditative / Singing Bowls

Portals To Inner Space      2009

Dreamwalker                     2015


Presenter / Speaker at The Afterlife Awareness Conference,

Sound Healing at the Deathbed; Portland OR   2017 + 2020


Presenter / Speaker at The Trauma Informed School Conference:

Sound as a Mindfulness Practice in the Classroom - Student /Engagement Through Sound

St. Louis, MO 2018

Sacramento, CA 2018

St. Louis, MO 2019

Denver, CO  2019





Sobonfu Some

Pat Gay

Toby Christensen

Linda Fitch

Robert Moss

Tibetan Yoga of Dream + Sleep; Tenzin Wanygal Rinpoche



Avid studies and practices in Dreamwork, Art, Meditation, Movement and exploring realms of consciousness / perception and the imaginal realm.



In the web of life, Pati has a passion for weaving together the medicine of such transformational art forms.  



10 days in the Redwood Forest along the coast of California / Oregon 

Descent into the Rising Sacred Feminine

4-day solo fast in the magnificent redwood forest

Deeply connecting with the essence of our human-ness while rooted in the essence of the stars.

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