My path has unfolded in an organic way, simply by following and exploring my passions.

Each experience has opened me for the next.  


Born in the Midwest and growing up in the Heartland, in my youth as a gymnast, experiencing deep immersions in nature, vision quests, traveling to distant lands and exploring the Nepali culture – the land of sacred instruments – to clinical studies and research, the culmination of this rich environment is woven into the fabric of the work I offer today.


Though the form changes, it all stems from consciousness, energy and intention.


Together, as we embark on a journey through space, conscious awareness, breath, tone and vibration, the resonant structure of sound patterns provide an opportunity for the logical mind to recede.

Intriguing journeys take place; dream-like stories and musically inspired visions emerge while under the influence of sound. I continue to be inspired by the countless stories of profound experiences that others share during our sessions together.

Carrying the essence of the Heartland, from this space,

I look forward to sharing with you.

– Pati