Private Session Pricing

Private Individual Sessions

Lullaby Session: 

30 min gentle relaxation  $40


Chrysalis Session:  

Weaves a cocoon of sound

to envelope the body.  

Deeply restorative for body, mind and spirit.  

45 min Sound Relaxation: $60


Sonic Massage: Sound & Vibration: 

A bowls on the body experience, a massage for organs and cells, weaving frequency of acoustic instruments for wellness.  Himalayan Singing Bowls, gongs and other gentle sounds 

60 MIN - $85


Sonic Massage 90 min:  

90 MIN  $125

Private Group Sessions 


Maximum 8 participants:  Comfy mats on floor - lots of padding and soft blankets. 

singing bowls on body + gong work 

90 MIN $55 per person

Sound/Vibrational Meditation

2 participants:  90 MIN $50 per person


3-4 participants: 90 MIN $40 per person

5-8 participants: 90 MIN $30 per person



We can tailor the session to suit your needs by offering a ceremony to mark a special occasion or time in your life.

Center of Sound provides mats, blankets, bolsters, sandbags (for added weight to ease tension areas)

Neck and eye pillows for your comfort.

Back-jack meditation chairs and regular chairs also available