Private Session Pricing

Private Individual Sessions

Lullaby Session: 

30 min gentle relaxation  $40


Chrysalis Session:  

Weaves a cocoon of sound

to envelope the body.  

Deeply restorative for body, mind and spirit.  

45 min Sound Relaxation: $60


Sonic Massage: Sound & Vibration: 

A bowls on the body experience, a massage for organs and cells, weaving frequency of acoustic instruments for wellness.  Himalayan Singing Bowls, gongs and other gentle sounds 

60 MIN - $85


Sonic Massage & Hands-on:  

For areas needing extra attention, release of trigger points and deeper muscular tension, addition of hands on bodywork  

90 MIN  $125

Private Group Sessions 


2 participants:  On massage table

singing bowls on body + gong work   

90 MIN $85 per person


Maximum 8 participants:  Comfy mats on floor - lots of padding and soft blankets. 

singing bowls on body + gong work 

90 MIN $55 per person

Sound/Vibrational Meditation

2 participants:  90 MIN $45 per person


3-4 participants: 90 MIN $40 per person

5-8 participants: 90 MIN $30 per person



We can tailor the session to suit your needs by offering a ceremony to mark a special occasion or time in your life.

Center of Sound provides mats, blankets, bolsters, sandbags (for added weight to ease tension areas)

Neck and eye pillows for your comfort.

Back-jack meditation chairs and regular chairs also available

Pati has individual sessions available weekly on the schedule. If you would like something other than what is being offered, please contact us to set something up


PATI PELLERITO          314-348-4278

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