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January 21, 2024
12:30-5p  $195

Join us to create your personal hanging altar to set visions / intentions for the new year.
All Art/Craft supplies provided. Sankalpa Art: A Hanging Altar
Where Intention Goes Energy Flows - Harmonize 2024

If you have special items that you care to weave into your hanging, please bring with you.





-Special Momentos from a loved one

-Jewelry pieces no longer wearing

-Pet tags

-Anything that you wish to include in your hanging that has meaning to you


These Hangings are beautiful on windows too!


Create with elements of the natural world. Make your own intentional hanging art. In this workshop, we turn inward to connect with our heart's highest intention, and create a positive declaration or affirmation.


Through a guided meditation + contemplative flow we channel our highest truth into a work of art.


These lovely hanging altars are created with natures elements. Beginning with a tree branch for the foundation. The tree offers its roots as we give root to our seeds.

-A layering of textural fibers, yarns, cotton, hemp, burlap

-Gemstones, crystals, seed pods, wooden, metal + glass beads.

-Wooden sticks offer opportunities for balance in our creations.

-Variety of colors and huge assortment of beads and charms


This process gives us a medium to channel energy, guided by the natural laws of harnessing, directing, cultivating and manifesting all the goodness of intended thought into action.


A meditation and deep relaxation offer an opportunity to step outside the everyday thinking mind in order to clearly state and affirm our heartfelt thoughts.

-Make your own wall hanging infused with your energy, love and affirmations.

-All supplies and instructions provided.

-No experience necessary, a guided process drawing upon

-African Healing Wisdom

-Shamanic practices

-Tibetan Sound healing

-Guidance from Spirit

Center of Sound

4405 Meramec Bottom Rd Unit A 

St. Louis, MO 63129

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