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Tapping into Intentional Nourishment
Verna Hopkins and Pati Pellerito
Happiness is our natural state...Bliss is hardwired
Candace Pert, PH.D "The Molecules of Emotion"

Wednesdays 6:30p - 7:45p
4 Week Series: $30 each class

Experience this 4 week class series in August with Verna Hopkins!

Using our fingers to stimulate specific energy points you will be guided to activate your own healing network. EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique uses the fingers instead of needles to activate and allow healing energy to flow. EFT, and other energy modalities, such as HeartMath and essential oils will aide and support you on this healing journey.


Concluding each session with Sensory Sound Meditation will help direct flow of energy for lasting comfort and ease in body and mind. Pati will guide you on a journey of integration.

1. August 10 Tapping into the "tools" used to access and activate deeper states of consciousness. Introduction of EFT and "How to".

2. August 17 Tapping into the heart. What am I really Longing for? Infusing new belief into your heart, as well as your head creates lasting change.

3. September13 Tapping into the mind. Cultivating "Emotional Intelligence" What am I really thinking and feeling?

4. August 31 Tapping into the body. How do I really view myself and others? Loving the view and our mirrors.

Verna Hopkins has been a massage therapist and energy worker for 23 years using a variety of techniques including EFT, essential oils, and Pranic Healing. Using these modalities she has maintained over a 50 pound weight reduction for 18 years. Her passion is to continue discovering the connection between mind, body, and spirit. Her greatest joy is helping her clients experience true happiness and inner peace regardless of outside circumstances.

Wednesdays 6:30p - 7:45p     

Center of Sound

4405 Meramec Bottom Rd Unit A 

St. Louis, MO 63129

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